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Fireflies In The Garden

Robert Frost

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We are all of the same materials
Added by: Erwan
I really shouldn't speak on this topic, for I might not know what I'm talking about. I'll just get your mind thinking ...
He mentions that flies achieve a star like start. This might be a very confusing line unless you take it out of context. If you think about it, we all achieve a start similar to all stars in life. In science when one looks at how fetuses look at very early points in their development, they might look the same. As in chickens, turtles, monkeys, and human fetuses. Take that simple aspect of life and refine it, and it becomes something of a universal truth. We all sprout from, or are made up of atoms. True be it that we were all once part of a star (on an exponentially small level) and therefore, a fly might be made up of the same things as a star at some point in its start.
I don't know, I guess I might just be rambling.

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