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Dust Of Snow

Robert Frost

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Added by: jiny
The poems main technique used is the figurative language. This is shown by using snow as the symbol. The poem uses the concept of snow to put forth the main idea of the poem. The snow represents the positive aspects in life coming out FROM the negative aspects. The negative image is shown FROM both the crow and the hemlock tree. The crow and the hemlock tree conjure up images of death. Frost has continually contrasted both positive and negative images.
Added by: Dragardenfly
Too much is read INTO poems I think. I believe Frost speaks FROM experience instead of hiding subliminal messages in verse. I see him walking by the tree and HAVING the snow fall down his back....thus prompting him to reflect on how trivial his cares really are. A minor "Wake up call" so to say. I think Frost was very genuine.
Dust of Snow by Robert Frost
Added by: dee
delivcate short poem reflecting how nature consoles human anxiety, unhappiness and misery by its beauty like feeling and looking at these things of beauty.
Added by: Kemi
just wanted to thank u for all the comments from this poem, i had alot of homework about this poem and ur thoughts and commemts made me think alot about this poem so thanx!!
Awesome poem
Added by: cookie
This is the most beautiful poem ever I just LOVE IT!
Added by: Behrouz Babakhani
When I read this poem for the first time, I didn't understood it. But after I read it more and more, I was surprised how a man can understand all that things in a short time. And this forced me to think of my past and come to this conclusion that I haven't done anything up to now. I should change my way and I will.
Added by: Paige
Thumbs up to Robert Frost. This poem definetly tells people to not take life for granted because when you are down in the dumps, something good might happen.
help me plz
Added by: ellie
im trying to figure out exactly what this poem is about, and unlike robert frost's other poetry, i am having some difficulty doing this. if you know anything else about this poem, pleas email at the given email address.
Great poem
Added by: Dan
This is fantastic. It makes me laugh every time i read it. P.S hello mum

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