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Eavan Boland

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Added by: George Frobisher
Isn't Boland's work still under copyright?
Wake Up
Added by: Natalie
Eavan Boland's "Anorexic" called out to me. This is my time of reckage...I felt lonely, and the only way to get a man to open his heart to me would be to drop weight and immediately. I read this poem, and saw the subtle yearning for this acceptance...I too was trapped away in my own clastriphobic nightmare...yet it was peaceful, my world. Then I read this poem, and it touched me, made me open my eyes and see no matter if I were to drop weight, or if I were to keep myself the way I am, my emotional state would stay the same. Wake up, I recalled buzzing through my weak mind, become strong, and stand up to your demon. Yes I'm over weight, but I would not go through this personal hell, this starvation to get and stay in the heart of one who is deep within his own fantasies. I'm proud now to be me...no need to burn my burden. I feel all of those with a physical stunting should read this poem, and realize you're never going to be mentally happy, unless you can look inside, and see you're not worthless.
Added by: clare
i thought this poem was good very strong. i like the way he used his words
Added by: ashley
This poem was written by someone who is was obviously and still is delusional! Come on Boland. And you call this poetry. This belongs in the trash along with my old Dr.Suess books.
Added by: racheal hamann
This is a response to the person who said that this poem was trash!! Maybe if you read between the lines and really understood what the poem was about you would know it goes deeper than the title. It is about feminine identity and the many roles women play in a male dominant society!!!

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