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You Fit Into Me

Margaret Atwood

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Atwood's "You Fit Into Me"
Added by: Diana Bishop
GREAT poem. So much packed into 16 words... initial cozy image, then the brutal twist, and the underlying truth throughout.
Added by: Nikki
Whoa! That almost knocked me off my chair! I would really shudder to be the person in quesion. This is a great use of multiple meanings and shocking imagery.
Added by: Lisa G.
Possibly the most disgusting poem I have ever read. There should be a warning label.
you need a warning label?
Added by: kat
this is an atwood poem. or didn't you see that?
Added by: adrianna
A beautiful play on words, this poem is. A hook fits well into a fish but it pierces flesh and I would assume it hurts, like it would a virgin. Sex may not always hurt but the consequences afterward may.
I love this poem!!
Added by: Stuart
I found Atwood's poem "You fit into me" as reflective of the painful psychological atrocities endured to acquire love. Love may be metaphorically blinding to another person's faults, but that doesn't mean it will perpetuate without enduring pain to sustain it. She mentions a fish hook specifically because it has barbs that make it almost impossible to pull it out in the path with which it entered. Love might be capricious, but its emotional consequences endure and rarely leave the person in the same manner they were prior to the relationship.

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