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Robert Frost

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frost's design
Added by: me
I think the poem is saying that god is both good and evil and has a design for all things big and small. The whiteness of the flower, spider, and moth represent purity. However the scene itself could be construed as evil. But since everything is under god's design he must have designed it to happen that way. Perhaps he is saying that everything can be looked upon as good or evil depending on your perspective.
Added by: stella
I choose this poem for presatation in class and thank you faor all comments because i can understand more about this poem.i like this poem because it contrast in the real meaning of words.
Added by: SarahB (hs students 101)
could the spider not be compared to a god/devil?? where it reads talks about the 'beady spider' holding up & examining the moth 'like a paper kite'...that seems to me like a powerful force (god/satan whatever) playing with a life like a toy. and the use of the "heal-all" the 'innocent' white flower which conceals death for the moth in the form of a hidden white spider (might things not always be as they appear? if something seemingly good or safe such as the white flower can really hold evil, could not a 'god' who is accepted as benevolent not truely be so?) and the need for a healing flower is sort of the juxtaposition of death (ie, a white oblivion).

"what had that flower to do with being white?" -begging the question is life all random chance; that that particular flower was white thus bringing about the 'untimely' demise of the moth. "what brought the kindred spirit to that height" -again with the chance vs. design

ok, sorry if i went over some stuff other people already thought of, i was just thinking as i type.
Consider this
Added by: Danny
This poem was written right after his son died...now put that into consideration and see why he speaks about design and why things happen
yeah i disagree
Added by: Sakuraba
Frost participated in the inauguration of President John Kennedy in 1961 by reciting two of his poems.
Added by: Jenny
wholy man people!
what is the matter with you?
Robert Frost is the most famous and the best poet in universe, and the fact that sakura ( or whatever) is making weird comments!! Just because Frost is dead, he still might be watching us from the heaven
Let's see if u can write better peotry than Frost, Sakura!
plagiarism on your site
Added by: poetry student
I read almost word for word what Sakuri wrote. check out this site:

Thank U!
Added by: Christina
I thank everyone for their comments because I have to do a paper on this poem and all of your comments about this poem has given me a better insight on it and I just want to thank all of you.
First 3 lines
Added by: Mianna
here is my own interpretaion of the first 3 lines of the poem and what i could make out of them.

The title is the clue. The whole underlying theme of this poem is a design.

'i found a dimpled spider, fat and white,'

This person found a dimpled spider, frost uses 'found' the person didnt "see" it, he found it- the person was looking or searching for something; the spider itself? the person was out on a walk?
Frost uses the symbolism of the white spider, most people think spiders symbolise something dark or evil, even though in most mythologies they actually symbolise perserverence and patience. White is innocence, cleanliness, truth and purity, the word dimpled used here seems to convey a sense of youth and innocence, that the spider is fat says that it is well fed or healthy.

'On a white heal-all, holding up a moth'

Again there is the word 'white' so the white spider is on the 'white' flower, innocence, cleanliness, truth and purity on top of it's self, then there is the heal-all which could symbolise health, peace, love, oblivion, truth? although i think in this case it symbolises health(spider), oblivion and truth. A moth is a symbol of inconstancy, fragile, feeble; moths are short lived and always at the mercy of the wind. In mythology moth's are connected with fire, to have an intensity while lasting, also moths are drawn to flame regardless of the source even though it may cause them death..
so here you have perserverence and patience the spider which has caught its complete opposite the moth, the spider needs the to eat the moth in order to survive, so although perserverence and patience spider wins over inconstant feeble moth, it still needs them to exist. .......?

'Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth--'

*note frost's use of assonance in this line (3) and line 2
which gives it a more pleasing sound.
This line gives an sense of death and age, 'rigid satin' gives a sense of something old and stiff, and that it is a white piece of satin cloth (think about the symbolism of white, then apply it to satin cloth; imagine where such a satin cloth would be, taking into account that it is reffered to as rigid) gives a funerary feel, a likeness to a coffin ' white rigid satin cloth'..
Added by: comment
This poem can be applied to the internal conflict that Joe Christmas encounters in Fualkner's Light in August.

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