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Come In

Robert Frost

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Added by: Ali
I think this is a horrible poem. Not only is the subject matter morbid, I also have to research it. Now, the fact that I'm researching it is not the sole reason I think it is terrible. You might believe that its marvelous and so on and so forth....either you like poetry or you have no life. if you like poetry, by no means am I saying you have no life....wait, yes I am. go get laid.
Added by: Bex
Naturally, the content of this poem is quite hard to understand and piece together. However, reading between the lines is easy once one understands the meanings of some of the words, and the relationship the title of the poem and the poem have.
a thrush is a bird; sleight is being deft or having dexterity. And the subject matter of the peom is death.
So, I am assuming, that the 'inside' is referred to the underground, and that whoever is wandering in the woods is trying one last time to see the sun, hear the birdsong of the thrush, and look upon the stars before he/she is called to the underground and placement of their grave.
Supposing that that is what the poem really means, you just add the title and it makes all the more sense. "Come in", come into the grave, come into the darkness and forget your surroundings, for you cannot stop what has to come, no matter how hard you try.
Non-expert's idea
Added by: Not the expert
I think that the woods represent the sadness or the grieve because Frost creates the dark atmosphere and makes me feel that it's not the pleasant place to stay at all. But I don't quite understand the idea about the bird. It must have some hidden meanings. Could it refer to someone who has a good and joyful spirit or something which is very joyful and pleasant?

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