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Bond And Free

Robert Frost

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Added by: israel
i think it's a question that has to do with love and thought and this eternal fight between reason and the feelings that human beings have. In this case thought is the liberation of the human being, not be attached to earth or terrenal things and be free through imagination. Love makes you be tied to terrenal things. It is the transition between romanticism and reason
Added by: Z
This poem seems to SHOW the void between love and thought (feelings and imagination)...how thought can take us away FROM our wordly problems through dreams etc...but i think as the poem concludes it gives necessity for "love"(listening to our feelings) because it shows how (as you wake up) as the sun rises and you return to the daily activities. Thats when love seems to prevail and it all comes off to me as complementing cycle of both Love and Thought, each with its "Bond" And Each with it's release of "freedom" in the end....

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