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Visitors' Comments about:

After Apple Picking

Robert Frost

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Added by: John Grenham
This is a poem about dying. It is extraordinary because it manages to equate death with rest and maturity and fulfillment, and (somehow) makes the act of writing about a harvest into an act of harvesting.
its not sexual
Added by: linds
i believe that our culture is so profolactical- minded, that we believe all literature has sexual references. It's not about sex! the apples represent missed opportunities and the empty barrels are unaccomplished dreams. simple and direct.
Added by: melissa
"Apple-picking" is a metaphor for the way we live our life and "after apple-picking" symbolizes the afterlife. The poem reflects upon how we accept the lives we have led when death approaches. It also highlights whether we find peace of mind in our "human sleep" (through acceptance) or whether we will be disturbed in our "sleep" with unaccomplished dreams and regrets.
After Apple Picking by Robert Frost
Added by: J.T. Best
It is about After Apple Picking by Robert Frost that I am right and the whole world is wrong. I have tried in vain to have my interpretation of that poem published but I can find no one who appreciates my analysis, so I stand alone, right in my own mind. In order to build upon the notion that the poem is laced with sexual depth and filled with lust, I have written an extensive essay and published it myself as intellectual adult literature at http://whendarknessfell.tripod.com/ I welcome any reader comments regarding my contemplations into the depths of the Robert Frost psyche and should you choose to respond and express yourself, then please do so within the bounds of the law and intellectual decency. Cheers, J.T. Best
Added by: stefanny
the last two lines of the poem are very contradictory because all through the poem frost uses words such as, "sleep,overtired. etc.." that suggest that the speaker is longing fot death, yet after reasuring us that it is death that he wants on the line before last, he gives a clueon the last line that maybe all he really wants is sleep.
Added by: abhishek
this poem is two faced and has a deeper innner meaning which has to be understood . this poem can be easily understood but the symbolic is all about the poets life and his poems. the brief about this poem is that it si about an apple picker who is sick of apple picking. the poem has threee facets.
help me out plzz
Added by: Niharika
dear ____ ( whoever is reading it )

can you please give me the whole summary of the poem. the english language should have very big words. plz give me the summary as soon as possinle because this is my ICSE board project
Added by: Saswata Roy
What must be noticed in this poem is its lyrical beauty. Inspite of speaking of death, the poem never renders a sad mood upon its readers. In comparison with Lord Tennyson's
" Tithonus", I find this poem more acceptable to its readers.
And for the rhyme it just seems to fit in the most perfect way, as if these lines were made for each other alone.
Another noticable point is that the poet makes us realize that we are all the same after death:
"The woodchuck could say whether its like his/ Long sleep, as i describe its coming on,/ Or just some human sleep."
I particularly liked this as this is a sure mark of humility, where the poet can compare himself with a small inferior creature like a woodchuck.
Added by: Natalie Hench
ok...this poem is not just about apple picking. and if it is to frost, then so be it, but it could mean differnent things to different ppl

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