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The Man In The Bowler Hat

A.S.J. Tessimond

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The Man In The Bowler Hat
Added by: Oonagh Donnelly
Hi ! Read your poem years ago when I was at school and have quoted lines FROM it ever since. Did not remember the poet's name (sorry) but hapened to find it today when clearing out. I was thrilled ! The words are so tue and meaningful ... "you look through me like a windowpane". Just wanted to say thanks and you are not unnoticed or an unnoticable man.
Added by: Stephen Fryer
A S J Tessimond (1902 - 1962)

Arthur Seymour John Tessimond was born in Birkenhead. He was an only child. He was educated at Charterhouse but ran away to London at the age of 16, only to return home two weeks later. He went to Liverpool University and then moved to London where he worked in bookshops and then as an advertising copywriter. He went INTO hiding during World War II, as he considered he would not be much good as a soldier. As it happened, he later discovered he was unfit to fight anyway. He was an eccentric with depressive tendencies whose inheritance went either on night-life or on psychoanalysts. He was given electric shock treatment and this may have contributed to the brain haemorrhage that later killed him. His work shows great clarity and often humour. He wrote about the ordinary and about city stereotypes. Some of his poems are conversation-poems and these often capture his tendency towards melancholy. Three volumes of his poems were published during his lifetime.

Added by: Lisa G.
This poem reminded me of the paintings by Rene Magritte of a man in a bowler hat whose face was always obscured by some object, most famously an apple. (This painting was featured in The Thomas Crown Affair.) The poem seems to be explaining the painting.

This makes sense, because the man in the paintings was faceless, and this could be taken to mean he had no personality. I think the poem is pretty clever and shows how closely all art mediums are linked and how they can benefit from each other.

I have read a little bit about Magritte after reading this poem, and I find him interesting. He was a commercial artist who lived from 1898-1967 and who had a strong dislike for psychoanalysis, strangely enough.
The Painting
Added by: Spacecowboy101
Don't forget the painting of:

René Magritte
"The Son of Man"
Added by: shui
eh. i think.. there are some errors in the poem? unless my lit text is wrong. ><

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