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Day Dream

A.S.J. Tessimond

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Added by: Em
This has been my favourite poem since the first time I read it, perfect view of an ideal future. Always makes me smile (but with good reason) such a gentle, lovely, quiet vision. Keeps me going.
Day Dream - poem by Tessimond
Added by: shivoysieh
This is well put. Seems strange to me that the author might deem the characteristics
described as unusual, as this is the way I am most of the time.
To Shiv...
Added by: Lisa G.
I doubt this poet was talking about you when he wrote this poem but more probably about the world in general.
Added by: Recai
While searching a nice poem to present in front of the class on the last grade of the college, my partner came up with this one and the poem presented itself, Class eyes shut, and daydreaming, that was awesome

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