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To An Athlete Dying Young

A.E. Housman

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Added by: MUNCHIE
I really like this poem. I don't understand why people woudl think good on dying though.
Added by: bob
I say that this poem does haveagood message in the sense that sometimes it is good to die at your peak like Micheal Jordans first retirement.
Added by: Arienna
What a tragically beautiful poem. Ironic too, because upon reading the title, one expects to feel pity on behalf of the deceased. However, the poem displaces your pity to those still living. It's as if the athlete that has passed is the lucky one, while the rest are unfortunate to linger. Death is seen in a new light, it becomes merely a way of stopping degeneration, of unwanted change. Since Housman lived just as the sun was finally setting on the English empire, chances are good that the athlete here is a symbol of his beloved England, who lived to see her own glory days disappear.
Added by: Charlie
I like this poem because it makes sense that the boy will always be remembered as a hero.
Added by: petus mcbeatus
this poem is pretty bad if you ask me. why would anyone want to die. Even if this crappy athlete wanted to maintain his career there is such a thing as retiring. you can just quit and not die. you people also do realize that this guy was so flamingly homosexual that he liked his own roomate in college and because of this failed his college exit exam. this is the main reason of its suckiness because the author is a queer. he probably helped to write the screenplay of Brokeback mountain the gay cowboys. that is just my opinion.

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