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She sweeps with many-colored Brooms

Emily Dickinson

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My Analysis
Added by: Stephanie Mitchell
Emily is Not actually taking about a Housewife Sweeping. She is simply using a sweeping housewife To Describe The Sunset.

In the first stanza, “She sweeps with many-colored Brooms -- And leaves the Shreds behind --” is referring to the dramatic colors of the sunset as its sweeps across the horizon, leaving “shreds“ of color everywhere.

By “Oh Housewife in the Evening West-” the term “housewife” is referring to the sun and it’s rays being swept away below the horizon... And the sun that sets in the “west“. "Come back, and dust the Pond!" is referring to the colors the setting sun casts upon the surface of the water.

In the second stanza, “purple” ravellings and “amber” thread is referring to the multiple streaks and hues in the sky at sunset. Which as a result “littered all the East With duds of Emerald!”. With “east” being her east America home in Amherst- and all the eastern states.

In the third stanza, “And still, she plies her spotted Brooms,” refers, once again, to the multicolored rays of the sweeping sun. “And still the Aprons fly,” is referring to the brightly colored clouds moving in the wind.

“Till Brooms fade softly into stars-” is the final setting of the sun into night. “And then I come away --” meaning she has finished viewing the majestic beauty of the horizon after the sun departs.

I hope this helps to better understand the poem. It is truly gorgeous and deserves to be fully understood by all!

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