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Visitors' Comments about:

Wanting To Die

Anne Sexton

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Response to Michelle
Added by: Venus

Your comment was rather baffling! Do you know that Anne Sexton was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who committed suicide in 1974? Given that your comment was posted on 05-05-2000, I am wondering if you are under the impression that Sexton is an amature contemporary poet?
Response to Michele -- Corrections
Added by: Venus
(1) Sorry about misspelling your name;

(2) I meant to type 05-05-2002 instead of 05-05-2000! My apologies once again!
Added by: genevieve
it was a very interesting poem. i can see how it relates to her life. i've studied her for months now.
Added by: Linnea
This poem was written to Anne Wilder, since Wilder asked her why Sexton contemplated suicide. Wilder did, indeed, mention that she loved the blades of grass; "i love living and the things and objects that are here on earth. like the blades of grass for example".
Good Poem
Added by: Jennifer
I really enjoyed reading the poem it relates to her life and my own!

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