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If you were coming in the Fall

Emily Dickinson

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Added by: Amanda
This poem is beautiful, isn't it? She's so eager for her lover to arrive that she's willing to brush past summer, throw away this life, anything, just to make him get there a little faster. As always, Emily Dickinson phrases her sentiments uniquely with her own charmingly concise style, and I think most people who have been in love can empathize with her desperate, yet joyful, yearning; I myself wrote a similar poem based in the idea of this one, "If I Could Sleep for Ages" (and I'll keep checking back in the off-chance that someone will read this comment and want to see my poem). *laugh*
Added by: Maya
In addition to Amanda's comment, I would like to note that Em's use of the second voice in this poem [saying "you" and "your"] not only gives the poem a strong sense of imploring and dedication, but also an ambiguity regarding the gender of the subject. It is not safe to assume that the subject is male, especially knowing what one finds with the shallowest research delve into Em's life.
Added by: marihan
I think this poem is unique and really sweet.This poem plays off certainty and uncertainty against each other. This women is incredable..
Added by: Chelly
In addition to Maya and amnada's comments this a beautiful poem and I can relate to it very well. That one the most omportant thing s to me that when you read something you can reate to it . it makes it easier to understand. wish i could right like this!

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