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Visitors' Comments about:

The Death Baby

Anne Sexton

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Added by: a smart person
Anne sexton is a very sick bitch who thinks of no one but death, and is very hateful...why?
Re: Smart Person
Added by: Certiori
Because she was very ill in a psychological sense and due to lack of knowledge about mental illnesses in the years that she lived (before she committed suicide) she had no other help or outlets other than writing. Perhaps writing of death staved off her suicide long enough for her to leave behind her poems as stark pictures of mental illness to remind people that we should appreciate our health and our sanity.
Smart person...
Added by: ScapeGirl
You obviously don't know very much about poetry, b/c if you did, you'd know that Anne Sexton was what's called a confessional poet. She believed true poetry was *supposed* to be about taboo things. It's not even completely the fact that she was mad, although as Certiori correctly pointed out, writing was an outlet for her, which her psychologists encouraged. She was not "a very sick bitch who thinks of no one but death, and is very hateful," she was an artist. If you don't like her confessional, realist style writing, go find a poet that writes about fluffy pink bunnies and rainbows.
Added by: Dana
You are very sick minded, I am sorry but you are, Get a life besides HATE.
Anne Sexton
Added by: Erin
For all of those people who lack appreciation for Anne Sexton's poetry due to the adverse "darkness"-- Obviously you lack the ability to look outside your own small-mindedness. Anne was manic-depressive, which is a horrific disease and her only outlet for pain was to write about how she felt. I am also bipolar/manic depressive and I can understand how much pain and darkness and how unsettling it can be. Please don't judge unless you have been there yourself.
Added by: anonymous
poetry is just a game. those who are good at it can get the opponent riled, fearful, sentimental, or confused. it seduces a reader with it's blasphemy, it's candidness, and sometimes it's simplicity.

science takes disorder and orders it; art takes ORDER and tears it INTO pieces. sometimes, you should just look at the pieces.
Added by: AL
Anne Sexton was one of the best modern day poets. She expressed herself extremely well in reciting her poets. Poems are subjective amd what I read in Anne Sexton poets is pure talent.

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