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Governors On Sominex

David Berman

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Silver jews?
Added by: Scooba da Dooba
Is this the same David Berman who is singer/songwriter for the Silver Jews, of which Stephen Malkmus of Pavement, also lends his voice. If so, check out his lyrics, and Malkmus' for that matter, none of them ramble on and on and on like these
silver jews
Added by: AJ Howler
In response, yes, this David Berman is the very same David Berman who fronts the Silver Jews. And while, sure, Joos' songs may be a bit more succinct than Berman's poems presented here, I'd have to say that the poetry holds up pretty damned well, also. Check out Actual Air, his first published collection.
Added by: Monday
True, Berman is more succinct in his lyrics than poetry, but i don't think that this is at all a mar on his work. His book, Actual Air, is one of the most visualy stimutlating poetry books I've ever read.
Added by: clara
David Berman's poems, while could be termed, "rambling", are much more lucid than those of a lot of his contemporaries, lengthy or not.

How refreshing, the clarity, the honesty.

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