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The Other

Sylvia Plath

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Added by: Hope Blue
this poem shows the relationship between plath and her husband. this poem shows the cheating of Ted Hughes and since it is in first person, we can gather evidence to believe that this actaully happened. the line," you come in late wiping your lips," shows us that he has been cheating on her, for late nights are associated with parties, ect. and wiping you lips is associated with kissing or somewhat interaction of another. The line," I have your head on my wall," shows us that plath truely hated him or was mentally punishing him for a wrong doing. this practice is seen in the Medival Times Era, where a criminal would be decaptitated and the head would go to the oone they caused pain or a member of higher ranking. The phrase," the fornications circle a womb of marble," gives us evidence to imply that she is talking about Ted Hughes and his mistress Assia. The word fornications means to have consenual sexual intercourse between two people not married, Ted and Assia, and the womb of marble gives evidence to imply that maybe plath was standing hard as a rock. The line," Sulfurous adultries grieve in a dream," plath is thinking about Ted and Assia both going to die in hell. The whole poem gives off a topic of anger, jealously, hatred, pain annd disgust..

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