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Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord, If I Contend

Gerard Manley Hopkins

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Hopkin's Thou Art Indeed Just
Added by: thomas rogers
The poem is rarely printed with its biblical epigram. It is Jer 12:1.I love to hear the change in tone between the first respectful sir of line 2 and the frustrated Sir of line 9. Do you think line 9b could begin a theophany in which the Lord of the poem calls the poet and the reader to see and look at the grandeur of spring's fertility? Line 12b could be the poet's "yes,but" of frustration. Maybe the Mine of the final line is the Lord's reply and the rest of the final line could be the poet's prayer of petition.
Added by: ~*me*~
This sonnet written by one of the greatest poets of all time, is, to me, a very complex poem that took me awhile to fully understand and interpret.

The speaker of this poem (Hopkins) is asking God for inspiration on why he cannot create a lasting work (poem/sermon). He wants to know why people not faithful to God succeed, but he can't.

Little does the speaker know, that within this complaint and request to God for a truly lasting work, he has written a great accomplishment that WILL last forever.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Added by: Betsy
this poem is written to not only express Hopkins concern with his creative output, it is the cry of a christian soul, who sees thru the eyes of God what it lacks and longs for the restoration that is promised to come.
Hopkins believed fervently in redemption from God in Christ, but as this poem indicates had times when it was hard to see the light.
much of his poetry is a journal of his christian jouney and an encouragement to those of us who attempt the same.

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