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Visitors' Comments about:

The Addict

Anne Sexton

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Added by: stephanie
this poem is so deep and you can definetly see how depressed she is...especially by her word usage...she tries to escape from reality by overdosing...on somethin that wont change her life...just change her so she looks at it differently...
Added by: Lia Hernandez
I just recently became interested in Anne sexton's work.At first i thought she'd be no big thing, but when i started to read her poetry i felt excitement.I really like this poem a lot,and i know many people can relate to it.....
Added by: Becca
She addresses this subject in a way totally different from what we're used to. She describes addiction and suicide like arts or natural things, and it makes one wonder if they really are... is she crazy, or are we crazy? And does it make a diference?
Added by: Richard Cooke
This poem is extremly deep and meaningful. However I find this poem immense. The second & third stanza make it evident that death is envitable. And the last stanza caps it all off Now Iam borrowed now I am Numb.
poet project
Added by: Leslie Bailey
well i looked this up because i have it for a peotry project but this one this one i like alot i mean it really spoke to me
Added by: Linnea
this poem is amazing. you can tell that anne sexton feels angry and yet blasť about her addiction. i wonder if the pills she's taking were actually prescribed (sweet pharmaceutical bottles). you actually get the feeling that she's not completely serious as she writes this; she finds it ironic in a way.
i also like the way she makes referance to her pills in a religious context; she feels the same way about them as someone might feel about thier God and church. and 'chemical kisses' shows us, i think, that addiction has replaced real intimacy with another person.
i think my favorite part of this is;

What a lay me down this is
with two pink, two orange,
two green, two white goodnights.
Now I'm borrowed.
Now I'm numb.

i think 'goodnights' both symbolizes sleep/passing out from the drugs, and death at the same time, which is cleverl. and 'fee-fi-fo-fum' gives a tongue-in-cheek feeling of power and dread for her pills. lastly, i like the way she says they make her Numb, and not happy. thats the difference between recreational use and addiction, i rekon; recreational usage is to have a good time, addiction is to stop you feeling anything.

thats just my two cents, for what it's worth.
Added by: Stephanie
I first read this poem in Elizabeth Wurtzels' memoir "more, now, again." It is an amazing poem that tries to tell the reader that she is well aware of what she is doing. The goodnight, to me, is her telling her brain and heart that she has found an "off switch" to her emotions and pain...or happiness. It doesn't matter, either way she knows. Now, the fact that she can control it or not is another question entirely. I totally understand and feel what she says.

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