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Suicide Note

Anne Sexton

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re: Sexton's "Suicide Note"
Added by: lee robinson
I have read much Sexton in college, but do not think that I have ever come across "Suicide Note," though I own her volume of _Complete Poems_.

What a wonderful poem. I like how (in this poem and another one that I cannot think of the title) Sexton charts the landscape of the road leading to death or self-destruction. I am sure that we have all felt that way at one time or another. But, Sexton really nails down the harrowing sense of being lost and the almost heartbroken feeling of life simply not working out like you planned. Perhaps if life was more like a regular, store bought purchase, this poem would be Sexton's receipt and a request for her money back.
Added by: Kristin Deatherage
Intersting perspective, She has an inner despair for someone to care about her, and her life.She aches to have a purpose noticed by all!

She thaught that no one would be effected by her death, in this poem, she could have thought, so why go on any further
Anne Sexton
Added by: Ashley
In my 11th grade high school english class i am doing a report on Anne sexton from reading all of her poems i find that she is not the happiest person in the world and yet she doesn't really dwell on it... yes i do agree that alot of her anger towards her parents and life style is shown in her work... However i much rather read about someones personal experience with life. then just a myth..... Anne Sexton is a good writer and the fact that she did attempt sucide makes me respect her even more... As a writer she overcame alot......
response to ashely
Added by: louisa
she didnt just attempt suicide, she was successful.

she baked a snack for her children before she killed herself. what a mother.
Added by: Anais
I've always loved Anne Sexton's poetry, and this one is really one of my favorites. I can completely relate to the despair that is evident in this poem. Unless you have been through the experience of wanting to take your own life, and seeing the world as too black to live in, this poem won't really make sense to you. And I agree completely with you, lee robinson, sometimes life IS like a purchase we make that isn't we really wanted and we do want our money back. This poem takes feelings which we're not "supposed" to feel and puts them right out there in a beautiful way.
Added by: Jodi Johnson

I do honestly feel that this poem is not only Sexton's greatest, but certainly in the running to be the best of the whole 20th Century (along with the usual offerings, and the sneaky brilliance of Plath's "Edge", especially poignant in its timing). This isn't me blowing trumpets, as there is much of Sexton's work which doesn't hold me at all (the same with Plath). The part that grabs me the most, every time that I re-read this, is when she speaks of the boarding house catching fire. It is a truly stunning piece of work, shifted across its line breaks with the paradox of graceful awkwardness.

As for this being in the "Complete Poems" - the copy I saw (I'm Irish, but got hold of an American version briefly) had it present, the poem itself having been written mid-way through her proper poetic career, hence surprising me given that I was waiting (and secretly hoping) to see it as her final chronological poem, very much like Plath’s aforementioned “Edge”. Nevertheless, this is wonderful, something especially sad given her anonymity (and thus lack of availability) in Europe to this present day.
Added by: Natalie
From reading Anne Sexton's poems, especially this one, I have not only realized that Anne did not like her life, but she also wrote about the death of herself, other people, and just creepy things in general in almost every poem she wrote about. This made it hard for me to distinguish from which part of her life these poems came from.
Added by: marie
dear louisa,

yes she was successful. but this says NOTHING about her or her character. read even one of her poems and it is clear to see that she has a mental illness which is an actual affliction, a disorder beyond control, which you are obviously ignorant of. apparently unbeknownst to you, her "choice" to die probably wasn't a choice at all. i'm sure that you cannot even imagine the pain people with severe depression feel. can you imagine the inability to be happy? can you imagine constantly feeling as though there is nothing to live for and not being able to convince yourself its not true? suicide is not what so many people think it is and i suggest that if you have had no personal experiences related to suicide or mental depression, that you just shut your mouth and keep your opinions about it to yourself because your stupid little comment about what a mother she was is deeply upsetting to those of us who do. clearly you are just another self righteous idiot. congratulations on helping to poison the population with disgusting fallacies.

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