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Visitors' Comments about:

When We Two Parted

Lord Byron

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Added by: MV
One of my favorite poems... Wished I had come across this sometime back..
Added by: Carolina
This poem is so beautiful. A person who has gone through a heart-breaking experience will fell immediately identified with it. The rest of the comments have helped me see other issues regarding its interpretation. To me, the voice speaking seems to be a male, due to the conventions of the period, but it could be ambiguous if not read carefully. It deals with the shame brought on him due to his ex-mistress' public behavior. It also reflects his grieve and regret over the ending of that relationship
Added by: kandy
This poem seems to me to be about how you randomly fall in love but your not supposed to love what you love and when you loose it you can't tal about it you have to keep it secret
a whole new approach
Added by: Catherine Swift
I believe that this poem is about the death of a loved one. "When we two parted" is almost like a funeral..."in silence and in tears" represents the deceased in silence and the living in tears... "after long years" is the reminder of the others life... and the next meeting in silence and in tears is the newly deceased in silence, and tears of joy for the one in the afterlife....call me crazy, but thats my thought.

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