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To A Mouse

Robert Burns

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Added by: stephanie linders
dad told me to give this poem to you
Poetry's purpose?
Added by: Jack Charity
The last verse is surely the prime example of saying so much with so few words. And not just at the superficial level, but as a social commentary of the times and, for me, topics which Burns probably did not intend. But if poetry is not about provoking thought, what is its purpose?
Added by: Keiylene
Did Burns mean to draw the connections to Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men?"
Added by: jordan sanders
this book is in relation to the book of mice annd men by John Steinbeck because the two main characters wish for an ideal place which at the end of the book shows ho it is spoiled
Added by: michelle
okay first of all burns died way before Of Mice And Men was written... this isn't written in relation to that. can somebody explain how this is a social commentary though? i dont get that part.

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