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Noon Walk On The Asylum Lawn

Anne Sexton

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i think it means...
Added by: alice
at the end of the peom...it says, "There is no safe place." but just 7 lines above it...it says, "i fear no evil, fear no evil." it's like she's scared of herself...and she's calling herself "enemies" and that she's scared that she might harm herself...which she did...it's like she's scared of herself and the temptation on killing herself. In the beginning everything's fine, a bump right before the middle...then saying "everything's all right" to herself...then BAM!!! To the end of her life and to the peom. I feel that this was probally one of her lasts peoms that she wrote...
Added by: nee

"The summer sun ray
shifts through a suspicious tree.
though I walk through the valley of the shadow
It sucks the air
and looks around for me."

how does that say that everything is alright at the beginning of the poem?
Added by: audrey
because she wrote this during her stay at Bedlam, and her death occured 14 years after this poem was published, i think she was speaking of her fears of death versus her fears of survival. I think that in her saying "there is no safe place" she means, obviously, that no place is safe, so how would it be safer when she was dead than when she is alive. If there is no safe place, she is safe neither in life nor in death.
In this poem, Sexton chose life to conquer death. However, she changed her mind 14 years later.
Added by: honey
in this poem, sexton mentions three lines from psalms 23, which is a verse christians find comfort and reassurance in christ. she leaves out a couple lines "i will fear no evil for you are with me. your rod and your staff they comfort me." i think this poem is about how she feels there is an absence of God's help. she feels as if she is helpless, and as if the whole world is closing in on her.

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