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Sonnet 43 - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Added by: Tiffany
I have always been in love with the idea of being in love and knowing that Elizabeth wrote this for her husband is just too perfect for words. This is the most beautiful poem that i have read and i strongly encourage everyone to read this.
Added by: Shannon
The first time I read this poem I almost cried. In class. This poem is incredibly beautiful; read it out loud, slowly. I would like to say those words to my husband on our wedding day.
Added by: Christopher
This is the most ideal way love has been captured for me. The notion of having a passion that burns to the furthest reaches of the universe, but is also a quiet and continuous longing for another person hurts me pleasantly. That at least one person found how to mix one thing so powerful it must be finite coexist with another so intergral it could become mundane, and then be left with a state of being so shining, unassailable and finally perfect gives me hope.
Added by: eunice
the first time i read this poem in class, my hairs stood on end. for me, the poem indeed captured what love is and how love should be.
Added by: Gypsey
How repressed and Victorian. She seems so unaware of how loving in this way has stripped her of power. She is so unlike her husband who's work often addresses how women are destroyed by the attitudes of men about them as in possesing loyal obediant wives.Subjegating their women who there after must suck up to man as dogs adore crule masters without awareness that they are crule or that they deserve any better.
Class Project
Added by: Justin Neaves
I believe that her poem is very intimate for her husband. She is greatly in love and thats awesome. Love is a topic matter that when you come upon it you cant release it. Its one of the most powerful tensions on earth and for her to express her love as she did is amazing to hear and read.
Added by: Heather
I think that if you don't like the poem it is because you are not in Love with the person God has made for you. I also know that it takes so many times to find the right person, maybe you just haven't found that right person. Don't give up their out there, it just takes time.
Added by: Adam
This is a great poem that couples could read and take notes from. No one should go withought reading this poem
Added by: brad
I think that this is nothing more than a poem that a loving wife wrote about her husband. It has different perspectives to make it a good poem from the English teachers eyes.
Added by: Bobby Edwards
The poem really touched me because I have been in love before and i thought i was really loved. But after reading this poem and realizing how much she loved her husband, the love i was getting could not compare. I hope this poem touches other people just as it has me.

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