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Music Swims Back To Me

Anne Sexton

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Added by: ashley
i think that this poem is discussing a lobodomy. it has been said that while this operation is being performed, the patient "hears music". this music is actually the buzz of the drill used by the surgeon. since she was "insane" a lobodomy may have been performed on her during one of her many institutionalizations.
Added by: heath
No, I don't think this song is about a lobotomy at all. It is the juxtaposition of images from Anne's life outside and inside the institution. The music is a kind of touchstone to the outside world and so it seems misplaced in the institutional setting.
lobotomy Ashley
Added by: bryan
Sounds like you've had one....If she had a labotomy I don't think she would be writing too much poetry...why can't this simply be about the music on the radio....the one bit of freedom in the confines of the ward...music could take her back home or anywhere else she imagined while dealing with her demons strapped to that chair.

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