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Meeting At Night

Robert Browning

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"meeting At Night"
Added by: Wesley melvin
Well first off when i read this poem it really crosses my mind that someone at this time would come up with a short memorable poem(back in the 1800's). the whole thing where he issaying(the two hearts beeting each to each"really is warming to me beacuse here is someone who really cares but is not sure how the reat of the night would turn out.The love and effection he shows is remarkable. I feel that more writers now need to capture this way of thinking. some people need comfort in this world and here is a poem that draws people closer to each other.
Reading the poem
Added by: joel emery
I agree with Wesley that this is a romantic poem, but has he read it carefully. Can he re-tell the speaker's night trip at sea, the beaching of the boat, and his arrival at the farmhouse? What can you guess as to the woman's whispering? I'm glad that he saw that the couple were embracing. Mnay readers do not see this.
Added by: Laura
This is a deeply moving and emotional poem. The poet has laid his soul bare for all the world to see.

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