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Her Kind

Anne Sexton

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my fave...
Added by: ScapeGirl
My absolutely favorite poem by Anne Sexton. The different metaphors for the the different kinds of women...I love it.
If you don't like it...
Added by: ScapeGirl
...then don't read it. Some people, however, enjoy it, so please stop whinning. I find nothing sick or disgraceful about it. Not everyone's life is a walk in the park, Lisa, and some people like Anne Sexton choose to express that through writing.
Her Kind
Added by: anonymous
My grandma said that "her kind" is about a woman being outcasts. And women who worked at that time were outcasts. Is this correlation her main point?
Her kind
Added by: lauren
Her kind is one of my favorite Anne Sexton poems. It outlines the different personas lived by women today.
Her Kind
Added by: Jim
I love this poem because of its order. Truthfully, isolation and boredom and defiance are difficult feelings to pin down, let alone express. But Sexton does a fabulous job, marrying them all together in a standard rhyme scheme and thoroughly pleasing progression of theme.
Anne Sexton- her kind
Added by: Nina
Her kind is a looking glass into one of human kinds most heinous crime against humanity. She speaks of a time when anyone who practiced, or were thought to practice, any type of witchcraft or magick were thought evil and burned, stoned or crushed for their religious beliefs. In the first stanza, which consists of 14 lines she seems to mock the average god-fearing citizens... ",possessed witch" , "twelve- fingered" and fixing supper for elves?!?!?!!! In the next and final stanza she speaks of fleeing from persecutionand barely surviving. Sexton wrote this poem in such a manner that it will continue to speak to and empower women everywhere.
Anne Sexton's "Her Kind"
Added by: Fallyn
"Her Kind" was written to lay out Sexton's dispare towards the world, while coping with mental illness. Sexton had been dealing with postpartum depression and her doctors encouraged her to take up poetry to cope. Eventually her mental illness won and Sexton committed suicide.
her kind
Added by: jules
I am doing an poetic analysis on this poem for school, and I am impressed by the interpretatin that the theme is loneliness, boredom, and defiance. I tend to agree, but also think that the general theme is her reaction to the societal perceptions of women at the time. i am still a little confused by the last stanza. any hints? especially about, "my ribs crack where your wheels wind" Im supposing that it's a sexual reference?
Added by: pam
i think this poem talks about the stages of a woman trying to break the disillusionment of people towards women, or people in general who refuse to be dictated by society. at first, she is left alone, because she is not like the others. in the next stanza, it talks about fixing the disaligned, like trying to set things or perceptions straight. finally, in the last stanza, it talks about not giving up despite people still disbelieving. i think it is more than just showing the aspects because it is a process as well, and anne sexton wanted to share her message of fighting through words and through this poem to make people think differently towards people (or women) especially those in a similar condition as she is.
Added by: Michelle
I like this poem, I like how it measures out how different women feel and how they live their life. Not everybody has a life of diamonds and pearls.

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