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For The Year Of The Insane

Anne Sexton

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Added by: Heashina
Should be "Without words one may touch bread" instead of "on my touch bread".
And at the end, "There is blood here/and I have eaten it", not "and I haven't"...
The distinction is important when analyzing.
Added by: Jennifer K.
wow! after reading this poem...i am full of shock! I am stil trying to figure out what the poet is trying to tell me. I realize that this person is holding a rosary and praying to mary, the mother virgin...but i cannot figure out why. This poem is full of very deep emotions and feeling. It really stood out to me. :)
the confessional
Added by: David
Sexton is describing her experience of her own 'madness' while, it seems, simultaneously enduring the reality of her suffering--eavesdropping on her own confessions. She's trying to attain jouissance, to be out of herself, but she can't escape herself without inviting death. She's praying to a power she doesn't believe in; it is her own nihilism that is crushing her. This is probably essentially why she killed herself, and why she was such a remarkable poet also. As always, the purity and exactness of her descriptions are breath-taking.

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