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Auguries Of Innocence

William Blake

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Added by: Luke
This has got to be my absolute favourite poem of all time. I have always loved things that include a variety of subjects. Songs that sing about obscure yet meaningful points as well.
Auguries of Innocence in my eyes is a hundred brilliant ideas and poems woven into one.

Oh. Also I got to read the poem because I loved the quote from Tomb Raider. I didn't know that other parts were used in other films and I never knew that the Queen used a line at Princess Diana's funeral.

You learn something new everyday.
Added by: emzie
Auguries of Innocence is such an inspiration, the best poem i have ever read. Blake truely is a genius !!! x
Too true...
Added by: Sophie
This poem is one that i musty say will stay with me for a long while, even if my brain is only capable of remebering the first 4 lines word for word!! I think it says so eloquently what most people need to know and understand. In a time when people feel it is their 'right' to be rewarded sympathy during the smallest hard times, i feel it is important that we are reminded that joy and sadness are two emotions that are so closely interwoven that it would be impossible to seperate the two. Without sadness, against what can we judge our happiness. We must also remember that we are so lucky compared to many who have either lived through terrible trauma such as a world war, or live in a third world country where each day is a battle. We must treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves, and be aware of the fact that there is indeed suffering in our world, but instead of sitting feeling sorry for ourselves, we must recognise this and do what we can to eliminate it. It is hard to think that one person can make a difference, but if a world can be seen in a grain if sand, who knows what we are capable of.

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