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Visitors' Comments about:

To Dorothy

Marvin Bell

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Drifting down
Added by: Kathleen Condon
The way he begins with inexactitude, kind of floating around in abstraction and then floats down to an expression that leaves no doubt about the speaker's feelings--boom--how loud and clear they are--such a graceful expression of love.
poetry class
Added by: Stephen Kovalchick
I think that Marvins poem was a great love poem. He uses words that express love for each other,. Seems like he loves natural too.
Added by: Cordelia Kellie
Marvin Bell in "Dorothy" captures one of the universal themes in love, but with his own style stamped on it as seen in the language and word choice. It has the most beautiful entry into the poem, and leads into thought-provoking lines to later ponder.

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