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Visitors' Comments about:

One Art

Elizabeth Bishop

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one art
Added by: allen hagler
please review your website for this poem. the last line should contain two "likes" ("...like (Write it!) like..."). the stuttering is essential.
Added by: Jough (Editor)
We fixed a bunch of errors in several Bishop poems, and edited and uploaded a whole bunch of new poems. Enjoy!
Added by: Phil Hey
This is a great poem. What might make its greatness even clearer is to think of it as symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Added by: Aesir
Phil, this one didn't arise FROM Alzheimer's. Bishop lost her loved one one night in her own arms ( it's a terribly romantic story, at least as I've heard it ) and she wrote this in memory. That's what the 'even losing you' in the last stanza refers to.
One Art- Elizabeth Bishop
Added by: Ashley Moraski
I do not know which lover this poem is in reference to but if it is her achitect friend FROM Brazil, Lota de Macedo Soares, then it is more tragic then romantic. Lota came to New York to visit Bishop and it was not exactly the happiest of nights. Lota poisoned herself and Bishop found her dying in her kitchen. The details of their story can be found in a book by Carmen Oliveira, Rare and Commonplace Flowers: The Story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares, in case any one was interested.
Added by: Aesir
That's the lover.
One art
Added by: John Grenham
This poem is a wonderful dramatization of the denial of loss, and the necessity of facing it. As in so many of her poems, Bishop pinponts an emotional attitude that is achingly familiar but has had no name before her words bring it into being.
one art
Added by: frederick odame
this is a geat poem about love which teaches us that broken-heart does not kill.
Added by: marty
While it may have been the death of her lover that initially inspired Bishop to begin the perfect "One Art," I've read that it took her several years of revisions to get it right. YEARS! Is that dedication to love or to craft?
Added by: Dylan
Well, is it not possible that she found lover in craft, or maybe she was crafting for lover?HAwhich ever, if this is about lover, I'm sure she had a dedication for both. Can't you love more than one thing? Or does you're heart have one vein filled with love of disregard? Or of contradiction? Or has it not occured to you?

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