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Anne Sexton

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In the name Anne Sexton
Added by: Hillary Sanchez
I believe that this poem is deep and by reading it it helps you learn more about her life. I to am a poet and love her work, even though she is gone her poetry lives on in all of us. If you just read it and think nothing of it your not a poet. In order to love this poem, you must first understand the meaning of it. I believe it talk about the first parts of your like to the last.
"Courage" and my Personal Perspection
Added by: Ahmed Nour EL-Din
Fantastic! Absolutely stunning! It is the small things that people show the most courage by. I find the way the author, Ann Sexton, puts forward this initiative wonderful.
Added by: Danny R Lunsford
This isn't courage, it's the quivering inability to move from now to three minutes from now without someone to hold your hand and tell you how pretty you are.
Added by: David
This is one of those Sexton poems that gives you hope when times are hard and you're feeling isolated or defeated. She really knows how hard the lives of everyday people are, and expresses it so succinctly and simply that it gives the reader goosebumps of recognition and a kind of positive identification with self-healing that is truly inspiring. My best friend and I, who are very different people, both identify with the narrator; she does the job that poets should do, by representing and voicing the universal individual experiennce (suffering).
Anne Sexton
Added by: Figurelogics
I love her work. Her poetry helps me not only with my project, but with my life. It is such a joy that someone like her existed.

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