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Visitors' Comments about:

Children's Song

R.S. Thomas

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Added by: Farah
this poem is amazing for representing Thomas' views of the world. Althought slightly off the usual theme on the country, the poem is a complicated metaphor representing the world we live in and the world Thomas perhaps wished we live in. The world of the adults represents what we have turned into, the children are innocent. They will not be the type of people who are consumed with greed, trickery and deception. Their lives are of better value. "smooth shell/...in the cupped nest", the children are well protected, perhaps from harm, perhaps from deception, perhaps from turning into us. A truly amazing poem with a powerful use of contrast.
Added by: zhen
Thomas was able to make use of the perspective of a child to show us the changes brought forth about the world. The poem speaks of the pure innocence and simplicity of the children's mind, not polluted by greed or power. Yet one can tell that the poet is not a child as it gives us an insight to the innermost feelings that most of us have. Children's song speaks of a peaceful world we long to belong to since young, yet we know that world peace can never be attained permanently. It symbolizes the hope that children have of the world and their aspirations to change the environment for the better. His tactful choice of words is exquisite, using words and phrases such as "dance", "play", "the world is still asleep" and "closed flower" to display the cosiness and love among the children. This poem may be simple but it brings about a tinge of warmth to our hearts as it arouses our memories of our thoughts as a child.
Added by: Mil
Like said before, this is a very cosy poem...written extremely well. It has a mischeivous tone to it...like when he says "too small for you to enter"...adults can never go back to childhood once they become grown-up. We can't bring back innocence. The last few lines suggest some mockery..(he does use the word "mock")...children can attain their own version of heaven right here on earth, whereas, adults seek out happiness in the wrong places, and only believe in a heaven attained in the afterlife.
Added by: Lindsey
While I agree with all the statements made above, I think it's important to bring out his life in order to further explain the peom. He was a fierce Welsh Nationalist and used his writings to display his feelings of politics, often satirically. This poem is also about the children of the Welsh culture and how outsiders will never understand the perfection they've attained through it.

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