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Sonnet 75

Edmund Spenser

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Added by: hannah
maybe this could be written in a way that any normal person could read

Edmund Spenser sonnet #75
Added by: Alice M.
To be perfectly honest, I think I donít get the exact meaning of this poem. I like separate verses, the way the words are used in, but I donít really now what is it about. There is a woman, there is a speaker (probably in love with her) and there is another man. The question is, how to make sense of these single elements? First thereís a description of unsuccessful attempts of the speaker to tell the woman about his love or, some certain problems standing in the way of the coupleís love. Then thereís her disapproval of vain wooers. The speaker opposes and thinks that his love is nothing like that and in the end he states that their love is unique and precious. The Sonnets from Amoretti were created as a celebration to Spencer and Elizabeth Boyleís wedding so it certainly has something to do with it.

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