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Patrick Kavanagh

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Added by: Emma
I like Kavanaghs use of personification with "rushy beards""hungry hills" I also think that the Shancoduff is of great sentimental value to him,he proves this when "the cattle-drovers sheltering under the featherna bush'look up and say;who owns them hungry hills,that water hen and snipe might have forsaken,a poet? then by heavens he must be poor,I hear and is my heart not badly shaken" the sentimental value is obviously very precious to him.I fell he is also tring to make himself somewhat heroic, "with a sheaf of hay for three perishing calves",when he is merely feeding hid livestock. I love Kavanaghs work,another great poem of his is "Inniskeen Road;July Evening,definatly worth a read.it is overflowing with emotion.I have so much more to say about this wonderfull poem but not enough time.Can't wait to hear his next poem!
comment on shancoduff
Added by: Mikhaila Kelly
this poem is a celebration of kavanags homeplace.he offers a break of dismal description of his homeland but despite this it is highly obvious that he has a deep love for it.
in most of his poems he has a sense of loneliness nd incontentment within himself.he always gives us a sense of beauty.....he describes everythin in such an articulate way and finds d most peculiar things beautiful.He is a wonderful and i enjoyed studying all his works of magical effect!!xxx

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