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Canal Bank Walk

Patrick Kavanagh

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Pouring redemption
Added by: AM
Kavanagh wrote this poem soon after he had come out of hospital, HAVING been close to death. He is almost delirious with joy at the sight of the simple, yet beautiful, natural objects which pass before his eyes.
I have not the slightest shred of religious faith, but I find Kavanagh’s poetry very affecting. Perhaps all souls need to be “honoured with a new dress woven/ FROM green and blue things and arguments that cannot be proven.”
Kavanagh is yet another much overlooked poet.
Added by: Colm Ó Catháin
This really symbolises Kavanaghs revival as compares to the man who describes himself as Alexander Selkirk and as a man who was living as "king of banks and stones ans every blooming thing"
Added by: Patricia Keane
This is the poem in which Kavanagh has found the inspiration that he searched for in "Advent". He has regained, through sacrifice the ability to see wonder in everything. It is a celebration of poetry and creativity.
Added by: Colm Bin
I have visited the very setting of this poem and i could only feel inspired through the magnificent use of imagery and the way in which kavanagh describes the area becomes overwhelming while sitting there on the bench. The bench he once sat on now has a statue of him,how fitting.
Added by: tiger
I think Canal bank walk is advice to our society that we should appriciate one another and our surroundings, and a suggestion that we should all wear dresses woven with 'arguements that cannot be proven'
Added by: Lisa G.
Although this poem seems to be technically flawed in some ways (for instance, the first two sentences are actually sentence fragments, and although the poem looks like a sonnet it lacks any kind of rhythm), it is touching.

I think the poet is pleading for nature to help strengthen his religious faith. I suppose he associates nature with God because meditating on nature's beauty reminds him of its Creator.
Canal Bank Walk
Added by: Christopher
Apologetic notes for girl torn between sentence fragment and poetry. Sentence fragment...flaw of poetry? Beyond the licentious disregard for proper punctuation and grammar, lies a beautiful and senuous poem. Death through life. Life through death.

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