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Visitors' Comments about:

One Flesh

Elizabeth Jennings

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Added by: hades
One Flesh is a beautiful poem that talks about two old people who love eachother. However, the passion that once held their love together is now gone...the flames of the fire have gone; only the ashes remain...
this poem
Added by: kalyani
i think one flesh is lovely poem yet hard to understand. im doing an english essay for it right now.
one flesh
Added by: victoria
i loved this poem. i am 14 years old, and i have to do an essay o it. but i wnjoy it so much... this poem reflects the reality between a ouple, from a daughter's point of view. this made me think about my grand parent's, a lot. i really recomend this poem, one of my favourites one.
Themes and imagery within 'One Flesh'
Added by: Emma Buckle
'One Flesh' raises the post-modernist issues of isolation and loneliness in the modern world. Even within a traditional marital relationship the couple are unable to transcend their separateness without the tie of passion which has now grown cold. The passage of time is also an issue within the poem; the idea of passion for life growing cold as well as passion within the relationship. Time is also the only thing that remains between them the past is the 'thread' which ties them and keeps them 'close together'.

The image of flotsam - bringing with it the feeling of a cold, vast, uncaring ocean could perhaps be seen as a comment on post-WW2 society. Also, one should not ignore the mentions of 'confession' and 'chastity' with their religious connotations.
Added by: kelly
i think "one flesh" is a tragedy, it makes me feel sad and hopeless.Elizabeth should be very sorry about her parents' situation.seeing their feelings for each other have been decaying days after days,she can do nthg with it,she is helpless so she writes the poem to express..to seek for an exit for herself..to look for a comfort...maybe,"tossed up like flotsam from a former passion" is somehow pointing to herself,she is a product of "the passion" but the passion has gone,she is a visible proof of the memory,she's the only left so "tossed up" there..
Added by: Lauren
I really like the structure of the poem; it is important for a poem to sound right as well as make sense. Also, I would like to propose that the lack of passion in the marriage does not detract from their emotional closeness.The poem is afterall titled, 'One flesh', suggesting they are part of one another; two people that the years have caused to grow together. It is a very beautiful poem.
Added by: Abby
Although one flesh can be percieved as a daughter seeing her parents drift apart, the key to this poem is the fact that it is telling us the opinion of a daughter, maybe a teenage one. When she percieves this she is not seeing the true emotion to whats happening because she is not experienced with 'true' long lasting love they her parents are in . The poem tells us "they hardly ever touch" and that "chastity faces them" but this love she sees thats grown cold is only in the physical sense. The daughter cannot see the strong bond that the parents have through life and experiences together that cannot be broken.

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