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Book Ends

Tony Harrison

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Added by: Missy
This reminds me a lot also of Long Distance II because I think he's trying to discuss his mother and his grief, but I genuinely have no idea what the words "Hog that grate" mean, so that almost- but not quite- ruins it for me.
Book Ends - Tony Harrison
Added by: Joe Cheesman
In response to comment by Missy, "Hog that grate" means to sit closely in front of the fire - you tit.
Tony Harrison
Added by: Millsey
Missy, i know exactly what you mean by not understanding things he says. If it wasnt for my nan, i wouldnt have a clue what he was writing about! But once you understand it...they seem so much better! dont you agree? Im doing his poems for Alevel, and damn its hard!

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