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Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)

Anne Sexton

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Added by: Josie
this poem is awesome. I read it at a speech meet for poetry interp, and seeing everyone's faces you could see the effect it had on people. They were truly touched by this poem i recomened it to anyone and everyone!!!!!!!!!!
Added by: Amber
Was Anne Sexton sexually abused as a child by her Father?
Added by: Josie
Anne Sexton was sexually abused as a child, her life was hard and misserable, between that and suicide attempts. I believe in the end she did commit suicide. I only know this because of english class.
Added by: Pam
Sexton claimed/hinted at abuse, but it was never confirmed. Read the biography about her for more info.
Added by: Amanda
Anne Sexton was very disturbed and depressed. She wrote only poetry I take it? She is a very hard and confusing person to look up and find information to help understand her and her poetry. I take it from this poem that she was sexually abused by her father?? But throughout the poem it is assumed that she loved her dad?? I really dont understand the meaning of the poem until I read the comments.

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