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Denise Duhamel

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Added by: peter ruggill
a wonderful poem that along the way exhibits the didactic moral that denial and repression are far more pornographic and perverted than any truthful depiction of sex and love. telling a child not to do something is almost certain to encourage them. so, the Barbie phenomenon, which has permeated our society for generations, is in fact a kind of cultural obscenity. good poem that ellicits, and illicits the truth in immediate vital imagery.
Denise Duhamel rocks
Added by: Lisa G.
What I got from this delightful poem, besides finding out that Denise Duhamel was a seriously disturbed child, was that men and women place unrealistic expectations on each other while in relationships. What they long for (especially women, I think) is to really be understood by the other gender. This might be why Barbie was excited to see Ken's head on her body.

Unfortunately, men and women think differently, and even though they should and will make the effort to understand each other if they want to have meaningful relationships, they will never be able to fully relate to each other. Unwillingness to accept or deal with this fact will only end in disappointment and frustration for both sides. (I'm not a marriage counselor or anything, by the way.)
Added by: amy
wow looks like something I would write except maybe using raggedy ann and andy lol. Seriously though it makes the reader look deeply into his/her own relations and analyse them. I love it!

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