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R.S. Thomas

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Added by: Andrew Mayers
Or questions they had learned not to ask?
I'm still very glad that Thomas asked them.
He's another poet who hasn't received particularly wide acknowledgement of how good he is.
'caviare to the general'
Added by: Katie
I agree, but I find him a little self-involved and whiney - it's all a bit much at times. 'Here' for example seems a tad pretentious, with all those melodramatic 'does no God hear when I pray'...'I have nowhere to go'...'I must stay here with my heart'. It's crammed full of self-pity and I find it really irritating!
Added by: Madhulika
I really dont know wat exactly happened that kept thomas bent, nothing spectacular seems to have happened in his life to have weighed on his mind. Though he says ists not his parents fault, he ends the poem with an accusation- they did not ask questions... were they unconcerened? who knows? Obvioulsy Thomas has not followed a pattern of life taht he was expected to " Arrow aimed from a tried bow/ at a tried target, has turned back. There certainly is something in the poem about doing something that was not prescribed and getting hurt and the parents indifference in some way!

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