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After Auschwitz

Anne Sexton

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Auschwitz reference
Added by: Niall
Theodor Adorno: "writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric".
Added by: Jake
The final two lines from the book itself (The Awful Rowing Toward God):

"I say these things aloud.

I beg the Lord not to hear."

This poem is very biased in its hate for males. However, the speaker is correct in feeling victimised, because all the figures of power and authority are male: the Nazi leaders, death and finally (and most damningly) the Lord.
I cannot actually locate a reference to a miscarriage, so could someone please point it out, if it truly is there.
In my opinion, it is not a very good poem because it does nothing else but call our attention to the evils of Man. Sexton's friend James Wright (whom she asked to proof the work) advised her to scrap all but three lines. However, the speaker is outraged at the murdering of infants in Auschwitz and so her anger has clouded her reason. Therefore she becomes hateful and wishes Men in general (regardless of their good or bad characters) should "never again raise [their] teacup[s]" etc.

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