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45 Mercy Street

Anne Sexton

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mercy street the play
Added by: pogo saito
i have been trying to find a copy of the play entitled "Mercy Street" also by anne sexton. it was staged a couple of times and is out of print(what a shame) i heard a selection from it ten years ago and have been looking ever since..
any ideas?
Added by: Laurel Hunt
It really shows her desperation, with her husband who doesn't see her depression (or not wanting to) and the post-pardum. Such a sad thing, but a great work... Peter Gabriel wrote a song for her- 'Mercy Street'
.....a weird feeling
Added by: Renata Carone
Reading Anne Sexton's poem after listening to Peter Gabriel's song, Mercy street...both together get completed and make me feel a weird sensation of the women nature, our conflits with men relationships.
A touch of fright, isolation, desolation and weakness . I have a bit of Anne's soul in my own self and Peter Gabriel got to deeply understand it.
45 Mercy Street by Anne Sexton
Added by: D White
In the 80's, Peter Gabriel recorded a song "Mercy Street" for Anne Sexton. It is a hauntingly beautiful song of a girl or woman's images of a lost street and the confessing of something that would shock a priest. Search for "Peter Gabriel" AND "Mercy Street".
Added by: David Ciscar
I came to Sexton’s poem in my way to find explanations for the Peter Gabriel’s song “Mercy Street”, a charming sweet song that seems to bring comprehension to the problems and failures of a woman who is trying to recover her life. Maybe her lost life or her “never happened” life. After reading the poem I feel full of weakness, frustration and impotence. I see someone who is lost in her disability to lead her own life towards her objective. I see someone’s frustration because of her insensitive surrounding. And I feel weak, impotent and frustrated just because there is no way to help her. But Peter Gabriel found the way of helping, maybe not Anne Sexton, but everybody feeling the same way, and it’s through he’s song, giving hope.
Added by: jenn
i really love Anne Sexton's poetry, and i totally love this poem. she was a very beautiful woman
Added by: Liz
i listened to peter gabriels song "mercy street" since i was a little girl and i decided to look up the lyrics and learnt that it was for anne sexton. then i looked up anne and discovered her poem and after reading her biography something clicked. i adore this poem and theres something about it that draws me in.
Added by: Ipana
Well, what can I say...the poem's like a particle of some sort of "pantheistic truth" that covers everything we try to do and possibly even finish during our lives. It reminded me again of the fact that a human being is supposed to miss something ceaselessly, all the time.
Usually our pursuits involve other people, like a family unit. Again and again somewhere some woman desides to take such a turn in hopes of finding something like her childhood home (or something better).
I think it's a good place to be looking for consolation, but the empty space will still remain...cause that's the way it goes. And I think it's only beautiful. As beautiful as it is in this poem.
Calling Anne Sexton fans...
Added by: n. kohl
Hello, I have read many of Anne Sexton's poems and I have to say that I didn't find a single one to be interesting, or original, or provocative in any way. I know she has won some important prizes and there are a lot of people who like her work, so I am wondering if I am missing something; i.e. I am asking any of you what makes you read her so-called poetry...?

I should add that I am not a novice reader of poetry and I admire the poems of many people that she is often compared to, i.e. Sylvia Plath, Denise Levertov, etc.
Added by: Joe[y]
In reply to the above comment about why Anne Sexton's poetry can be called 'poetry'...

Poetry is simply the means of expressing oneself through words. What I personally find admirable in Anne's work is the fact that she manages to do this so smoothly and clearly.

I personally don't understand the relationship you've created between her and Plath for example, but I hope you can understand now why people enjoy to read this stuff.

This is all about no bull---- emotion.

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