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The Cremation Of Sam McGee

Robert Service

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Sam McGee - A Poem to Learn
Added by: Chris Vaughan
It is reported that Charles Lindburgh, the flyer, would recite Sam McGee at the drop of a hat.
Once you learn it you can silence a room-once yo get started - unless... someone else knows it too!
My father
Added by: Alice
My father used to read me poems when I was growing up, this was one of his favorites. I had long forgotton about the poem, until last week. My dad suffered a stroke, on one of his good days, I asked him what the name of the poem was about a guy that went up to the Artic, never thinking that he would remember, but thought I would give it a try. He was able to slur the words "Sam McGee". I couldn't find the book that he read it out of, so I got on line, and found the poem. As he lays in his hospital bed, I recite the poem to him, he always squeezes my hand at the end..
I know he hears me...

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