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A Bachelor

Robert Service

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Added by: Anonymous
Not a bad poem. I didn't understand some of the parts but it got interesting towards the end. But why is he being sent to hell?
The ugly side of conservatism
Added by: Lisa G.
I find this poem bizarre. In it the poetic voice is trying to convince a hardened bachelor to marry, saying that it is just what humans are supposed to do. The bachelor counters by saying that he can satisfy his physical desires by paying some prostitute as he in typical male fashion confuses love with sex. After all, it's easier to buy milk than take care of a cow, he says.

What is bizarre to me is how infuriated the poetic voice gets over the bachelor's refusal to get married. His rage is so intense that he wishes for the bachelor to be sent to an especially severe hell. Why should he be so mad? If it's because the bachelor's lifestyle clashes with his own Christian values he's behaving like a hypocrite by wishing the man to hell. That's just a horrible thing to wish on someone.

I think maybe the poet(ic voice) is jealous of the bachelor's freedom. Whatever the case, the poet(ic voice) seems to be freakishly controlling. And if he were alive today, he'd probably believe Spongebob was trying to turn all children gay.
Added by: Sam Chatzikirou
The poet is saying that the man he is talking to is going to hell for his way of life and treating women in such a degrading way as being good for sex only, and 'why should he marry when he can buy all the sex he wanted"
Sam Chatzikirou's Comments
Added by: Janice
He should know because that's the way HE treats women!

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