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Robert Francis

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Added by: Vakerue
I think that this poem is execellent in that it is a metaphor to glass...I think the word poem is a tough word to explain. Robert's relating the poem to the different types of glass says that it is transparent and holds many words.
Added by: BReAnn
This poem spoke to me. The way the poet said the words should be looked at like a window you should see through them meant alot. That meant like you should no the true meaning of the poem but not just the poem but the words itself, were is the poet comming from. things like that
Added by: Maria Prestipino
The poem "Glass" seems empty to me, like he's giving to much away. He just doesn't leave to much to the imagination. The topic it self on how to describe a poem is a difficult one and I like his comparison between a mirrior and the poem it's self. Yet the wording could've been better.
Added by: Elliot Gamble
I think the poem, cuts like glass, into the imagination, and gives many new spectrums on a single light that is poetry, it's very deep, and it still only scratches the surface.

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