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Visitors' Comments about:

Adventures Of Isabel

Ogden Nash

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Added by: Sue and Isabel
It's about Isabel being brave
Added by: Da
That Isabel was really something!

I wonder if she's a real litttle girl

or just made up.

If she's real, I'd like to meet her.

If she's not, she's even neater.

Great Poem!
Added by: Isabel
This poem inspired me to become the bravest Isabel I can be!
Added by: Angel
It is interesting to note that Ogden Nash's wife was named Isabel. I would guess that he saw her as a courageous woman and therefore wrote this poem "about" her.
Added by: Cailie
Isabel is the name of Ogden Nash's daughter, and I read somewhere that Ogden Nash's fmaily was an inspirtation for many of his poems so I'm guessing his daughter was the inspiration for this poem.
This Poem is the best of all!
Added by: Merilyn
This poem I should say is the best of Ogden Nash. This poem should be read more often to children. They would love as much as I like it!
Added by: radhika
some ppl here say isabel was her daughter and some say her wife to b brave u see nothing i think he was just inspired and not by his wife or daughter but by a person he met or saw just a friend or someone
Added by: steven
a wonderful poem for children , & as someone above said , i think i agree , maybe his best
Added by: Isabelle
Its a great poem. I have it in picture book format, and it was read to me countless times as a child. I still love it! He got the spelling wrong, though. :)
Added by: megan
our teacher told us this poem in reading class.I really loved it!you should make more poems like this.

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