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Visitors' Comments about:

A Cry

Sara Teasdale

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Added by: sharyl
wow...that was really.....weird...
Added by: penny
i think this gives men praise her man is to attracted by her thoughts and words to be distracted by her lips or physical attritubutes
Added by: Amy
I think this refers to how she misses her lover...and although she is every joy to him when they are together, she can only speak to him instead of physically hold him, so therefore she's only a cry.
Added by: Matija

She loves him, but for some reason she can't have him(maybe married ;))...

He could only have her songs(Voice and Cry)... ;)
Added by: Astrid
Believe me, she is obviously loving somebody who she cannot have....perhaps somebody who does not return those feelings, and loves another woman. I recognize this because I am living it, and that's why I love her poetry....because it hits so close to home for me!
Added by: Jon
The poet Vachel Lindsay had a strong attraction for her, though she never returned his emotions. She ended up marrying another man whom she divorced after 15 years of marriage.

I think, perhaps she had a longing for Vachel Lindsay and she regretted her marriage to the other man.

After she and her husband were divorced she was constantly ill and suffered a nervous breakdown. Her former attraction, Vachel Lindsay, committed suicide and she followed in his footsteps and also killed herself only a year after his death.

Depending on when she wrote this, it could have been she was depressed from the news of Lindsay's death or remorseful about her marriage....just some ideas...
Added by: Carl
This is probably my favorite poem ever.....it's the best poem ever written. No doubt. She surpasses all the great poets that ever existed! :)

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