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A Better Resurrection

Sylvia Plath

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Christina Rossetti
Added by: Simon North
this poem, A Better Resurrection, is not by Plath! It is the first stanza of a poem by Christina Rossetti written over 100 years earlier - like it's not obvious FROM the language! Incidentally, Rossetti is a far superior poet than Plath. CHECK out my site at www.englishbox.com if you want to read over 80 Rossetti poems.
Added by: Mike
I agree that this poem is not by Plath, but the first of 3 stanzas of "A Better Ressurrection" by Christina Rossetti. And the style is definitely not Plath's. However, I would not say that Rossetti is a far superior poet than Plath. Although I personally prefer Plath's poetry for one thing (perhaps because of the style), I think that they both have their own strengths in their poetry.
Completely Rossetti
Added by: Lisa
This poem is quite obviously one of Christina Rossetti's. It was one of her selections in 1862 in the volume of "The Goblin Market and Other Poems." Another way to tell it is Rossetti's, is by way of her strong connotation to religion. Rossetti had a strict dedication, especially in her later poems, to the devotional lyric. If you read a number of Rossetti's poems at once and then follow with this one, it is apparent that, although unique, it still mirrors her style and content that separate her from any other female poet of this time. If she is going to be compared to any other poet, the one to do so with is more Emily Dickinson instead of Sylvia Plath.
i enjoyed it
Added by: soloman
i enjoyed reading this poem i hope she writes more like this
yall both be rong
Added by: Danielle Omstead
She is the best righter ive ever heard of and yall dont need nto be talking about other peoples poems and she has tried to kill her self so yall idont need to make it worse

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