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Vasko Popa

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I know where the world is!
Added by: Jough
Reading this poem for the hundredth time, I've figured out where the world is! I won't spoil it for the rest of you. ;) -- Jough
Added by: Kara
This is a mind-boggling poem! Popa is incredible! The Anne Pennington translation is better though. I think this one is a tiny bit sloppy (though still good). One reason her translations are so good is that she worked very closely with Popa until her death in 1980. He even wrote a memorial poem for her. Trivia bit: he got the idea from a shoe polish tin. On the tin was a horn of plenty full of shoe polish tins, each with a horn of plenty on the lid filled with more tins and so on "ad infinitum" (which I believe is actually what he wrote instead of "and so it went on forever".

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